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adidas Crazy Explosive Low Performance Review

Nothing has changed between the high and the low top in the traction department. The coral pattern that adidas used before is used once again, and like last time, I love it; itís multi-directional and hugs the floor better than youíd expect. Yes, the rubber compound is still on the soft side, so play outdoors at the risk of burning through the traction rather quickly. However, while you have traction youíll have some really good traction. Cushion - Much like the traction, cushion on the Crazy Explosive Low White hasnít changed at all. #BoostIsLife (for me) and I love how these feel on-court. As I said previously, this is the UltraBoost of basketball. Youíre getting full-length cushion that is plush in the heel and a little thinner in the forefoot so you donít sacrifice too much court feel. TPU is still wrapped around the lateral side of the midsole to ensure the Boost remains stable; itís exposed on the medial end which allows the Boost to expand and contract while youíre playing. Materials - This is the first time Iíve used (what I call) the ďbasicĒ version of the Crazy Explosive. This Crazy Explosive Low uses a micro mesh upper whereas Iíve only played in the Primeknit edition. Performance wise, youíre not sacrificing anything if you choose this option. In this particular situation the Primeknit version of the shoe is more of a luxury rather than a performance upgrade. If you wanted something a little nicer looking and feeling then opt for the Primeknit version, but if youíre only interested in performance and enjoy saving a few bucks then you wonít be missing anything by grabbing the regular versions. The mesh upper feels like Lycra (a stretchy material, what most leggings are made of). Itís light, breathable, and wraps around your foot like no other. Youíve basically got a superhero costume on your foot ó pretty cool if you ask me. There are fuse welds in high-wear areas to help protect the material because durability isnít its strong suit. However, if you try on the Crazy Explosive Low and take it for a spin I assure you that you wonít feel like you shouldíve waited and gone with the Primeknit model ó this is just as good. Fit -†The fit is incredible. Just like the high, the Crazy Explosive Low fits true to size and feels wonderful on-foot. It isnít suffocating and it feels very secure. Due to the material, you almost feel as if you donít have anything on at all. Lockdown is great as well and there is no slipping inside the shoe whatsoever. adidas promoted the CrazyLight Boost to be the best fitting low top shoe ever, but the brand outdid itself with the Crazy Explosive Low ó these fit like a dream. Support - †Everything the high top version has the low top version has, save for some extra material around the ankle. Torsional shank, internal heel counter, large outrigger, flat stable base ó everything you need in a shoe is in the Crazy Explosive Low. Everything. Overall - The way I feel about the adidas Crazy Explosive Low is the same way I felt about the Air Jordan XX9 Low. Both are so much nicer to wear than their original versions ó and the original versions of each shoe were already really good. You arenít giving up anything by going with the Crazy Explosive Low. Traction? Check. Cushion? Check. Nice materials? Check. Great lockdown and fit? Check. Support? Check. Nothing was left out of these. Well, maybe overall durability, but if you play indoors I donít think thatíll be a huge issue on newjordans2018.com The adidas Crazy Explosive Low is the definition of ďif it ainít broke, donít fix it.Ē
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