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adidas Crazy Explosive PK 2017 Performance Analysis Review

I know everyone and their mothers loved the Crazy Explosive 2016 last year but they just didnít work for me due to the placement of the cored out section and thin Boost in the forefoot. I wasnít very hopeful for the 2017 but some slight tweaks ( international or not) in the cushioning made my neuroma pain a little more tolerable. As for the rest of the shoe, I feel the 2017 is superior to the 2016 but not everyone will feel the same way. Luckily, you can still buy the 2016 for less. Pros: traction when clean, cushioning, fit, support and stabilty, containment Cons: shoe starts off stiff but breaks in quickly, outsole needs wiping on dusty floors, outsole prone to wear and peeling Sizing: most players will want to go up half a size since these run slightly short and narrow. Wide footers will definitely want to go up at least half a size. Best for: guards or lighter bigs Buying Advice: wait, they made a lot and they arenít going anywhere. $100 is fair and what I paid, $75-85 range should be the bottom. Finishline has them for $112.50 after one month. Weight 16.5 ounces in an 11.5 US. Pretty much the same as last year. Traction Power Coral, Ready for action! Same as last year. Works great on clean floors but requires a fair amount of wiping on dusty floors. More than acceptable but still not top tier since it doesnít have that strong bite and needs wiping to stay glued to the floor. Also it is still prone to peeling and wear so not really recommended for outdoor use. Swap out the Rose 7 traction and youíd have a beast of a shoe. Cushioning Similar to but slightly better feeling for me than last yearís set up. Last year the forefoot felt thin to me and I didnít feel it much but this year feels better for me in the forefoot. The set up feels ever so slightly firmer than last yearís which is great for me since I donít bottom out quite as much. If it wasnít cored out exactly where my neuroma sat, Iíd have no issue but oh well at least itís tolerable this time. Just like last year this ridge is where the Boost actually starts. Unfortunately, I canít tell you if itís supposed to feel that way or if itís Adidasís quality control. I actually bought the Black White Neoprene pair last year and was planning on writing about the improved traction but got sidetracked and never did. I actually bought four different pairs of the same shoe and they all felt different; Some felt great in the heel while others felt stiffer than the rest. Iíve had similar experiences with other Boost models. Donít get me wrong it feels great underfoot pretty much no matter what but they do feel different. Okay back to the actual cushioning on the CE17. Overall, the cushioning is slightly stiffer than the 2016 but still feels good heel to toe. Forefoot is still thin feeling due to the heel toe drop as well as the Infinity Shank. Cushioning is still softer than the Harden Vol 1, Rose 6 (in the heel) and CLB16 but just not as wide of a margin as last yearís. Sizing For reference I went true to size with the 2016. With the 2017, wide footers should go up half a size maybe even a full size because these run tight. Regular and narrow footers can go true to size or half a size up as well because these run a little short. I advise regular and narrow to try them on if possible. Fit Yes a real improvement!! Adidas finally got the shoe sock (SHOCK) trend right. The fit on the CE 17 is fantastic and really gives a one to one sock like feel. The HD 2016 FK had a similar idea but I had some heel slip in those due to the placement of the top eyelet. This is one of the big reasons the fit works is because Adidas actually put the top eyelet where I need it to pull my ankle back and keep it there. They also made five sets of eyelets this time around (I told yíall it was a dumb gimmick last year!) Another reason the sock works well is because Adidas padded the sewn in tongue well and kept it elastic. By keeping it elastic, it keeps the tongue from bunching up and allows it to actually fit like a sock. Overall the fit is excellent, well done Adidas! Materials Primeknit is back again but it isnít as soft and flexible like last yearís. If you liked the softness of last yearís Primeknit, buy last yearís. Forged Primeknit is what Adidas calls it and itís basically Primeknit with ďforged yarnĒ plus some light glue on 95% of the upper. Adidas left out the ďforgedĒ portions along the medial forefoot to allow it to flex more naturally. It takes only a few runs to get the upper to break in. No issues here for me but if you liked the Primeknit of the 2016 version, get the 2016 version. Support and Stability Support comes mostly from the fit and the internal heel counter. At first glance it looks like the CE 17 sock is just there for proprioception only but only the very top of the collar is sock like so you do get a touch of support if you call padding support. You can see how thick yet flexible the padding is below. Thankfully stability is once again excellent on the Crazy Explosive thanks a large flat outsole, low ride and infinity shank. Iím not sure if Adidas firmed up the shank but the 2017 starts out much stiffer underfoot than 2016 but breaks in nicely. Just like the Hyperdunk 2017, I feel the combination of flexibility around the ankle with a very stable base is the best of both worlds. Great job Adidas! Containment My dream come true !! Look at that roll cage.. heel to toe coverage. Containment is fantastic on the CE17. Awesome job Adidas! Conclusion I am probably the only ďreviewerĒ who didnít give the Crazy Explosive 2017 tons of praise and love. I get all geeked out over new tech like everyone else but not if it doesnít translate onto the court itís a simple pass for me. The 2017 made minor tweaks to the 2016 formula and the result is a better performing shoe due to a better fit and containment. I think most players will enjoy these because it does everything well if not great and really gives the player an excellent one to one fit with a low to ground yet well cushioned ride. If the cored out section wasnít cored out and traction was improved Iíd undoubtedly love these (I am a traction lover what can I say). And if you loved the Nike Air Foamposite 2019 them again. 2016 is soooooooooooooo long ago so itís time to clear them out of inventory and make room for the newer models. If you ever wondered why I donít like top ten lists for a calendar year, well thatís why. Limiting your kicks to whatís new for the season really confines you to what the manufacturers make and market for the year. Keep your eyes open and you wonít have to open your wallet as wide while getting the shoes you actually want.
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