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adidas crazylight 2018 performance analysis review

This is a short and sweet review because the CLB 2018 is the 2016 version with a different upper material and less heel slip. So a lot of people asked me to review this shoe but I chose to wait because I knew the 2018 was going to sit and I picked these up for $ 67.50 off during the Adidas 30% off sale. It really annoys me it when people say ďOh itís $120 thatís a good dealĒ because it isnít if you have just a little patience and understand supply and demand or if you just read my blog. Chinese heart attack is real people #aliwong Pros: traction, cushioning, improved heel fit from 2016, stability, containment, one ounce lighter than 2016 Cons: cheaper feeling materials if youíre into that, some lace pressure at top eyelets Sizing advice: runs long, same as the 2016, half a size down except wide footers Best for: any position Buying advice: $67.50 on sale and Iím happy. Bottom around $45-50 range Adidas did a poor job marketing and differentiating shoe Weight 15 ounces which is one ounce lighter than the 2016 version. Iím guessing using the thinner mesh upper and less plastic shaved off that one ounce of weight. Traction Very similar to the 2016 but it did require some breaking in before it gripped like the 2016. The pattern is different but the result is the same. Very nice pliable rubber with very deep grooves. Where did the all ďimportantĒ Continental rubber go? Adidas must be reading my blog 🙂 So simple to do and execute but itís barely down nowadays. Well done Adidas!! Cushioning Same as 2016 which is a good thing. Adidas has quietly firmed up the Boost in various shoes from 2016 to 2018 . DRose 6 was very soft, CLB16 and Rose 7 a little firmer, Harden V3 a little lower yet still comfortable, Harden V2 much firmer. This is a just nice blend just like the 2016. I think most players will like this set up. Fit These run long just like the 2016 and play even even longer by a touch because of of the thinner materials vs the 2016. I advise getting the same size you got in the 2016 especially wide footers. I couldnít go down half size due to wide feet so I had to stick with my normal 11. There is over a full thumb width at the toe which only took a little time to get used to. I think the majority of players will want to go down half a size Eyelets There is some lace pressure at the top eyelets so you have to adjust your lacing to get it right or wear thick socks. More padding would have helped The biggest change from the 2016 to 2018 is a actually a very subtle change. Adidas basically did what I did with the CLB16 project and the stock heel fit is definitely improved. However it takes an hour or two to break in the midsole and plastic parts so itís more flexible and starts to conform to your foot and heel. If you just try these on in the store and walk around or donít let them break in, you will be disappointed with the heel slip. You can always accelerate the break in like I always do by bending them with your hands. The extra eyelets puts the top laces higher up along the foot so it helps pull the foot down AND back. It isnít quite kryie 5 lockdown in the heel since Nike tends to use denser/spongier and more padding that Adidas and UA but it is more than acceptable and very playable. Iíd also guess going down half a size would help even more but as I said earlier I need the width. (Thatís what she said too) As for the rest of the shoe, it fits well with a touch of dead space over the toe box It doesnít affect play at all either but I know shoe geeks are super anal (thatís what she said too!) Materials A stretchy mesh upper sounds like a my worst nightmare but this upper didnít really let me down since they used a raised midsole in the forefoot and a pretty long heel counter to keep my foot from sliding around on hard cuts. In my article Why Knits Mesh Wovens donít work, I spoke at length about why these mesh and knit uppers didnít work and companies are actually implementing ways to contain the foot. For the most part, shoes like the Brandblack JC 2 and 3 which had no such raised midsole seem to be a thing of the past although it looks like the KD XI didnít go that route. Of course it makes sense given KDís penchant for sock like comfort. Support and Stability Same as the CLB16 so if those didnít work out for you, these wonít either. Although the external heel counter is smaller than the 2016, Adidas put in an internal counter as well similar to what you find on Nikeís. Not overly firm but still helpful. Same exact plastic midfoot shank Stability is exactly the same as the 2016 almost down to the forefoot nodules. Same width and notched in almost the exact same area. Overall I had no issues with support and stability. Containment Another non issue just like the 2016. Raised midsole that runs along one third of the shoe.. Way to go Adidas ! Conclusion So whatís the verdict? I think Adidas read my blog and fixed the issues the 2016 had when they couldíve done it right the first time. Four eyelets have increased to six while they moved the top eyelet back to where I put mine in the 2016. I think for $67.50 itís a great shoe that almost any player will enjoy but it does require a little break in time to get the most out of it. If youíre a fan of fancy named uppers, you will not like the CLB 18 but if you do like fancy names like Jacquard, buy the 2016 off eBay and poke some extra holes in it. They go for around the same price as the 2018 anyways. Just like the modded Air More Uptempo, the fit is good but not great while everything else I enjoyed. Improve the fit a touch and youíd have a first team shoe but second team isnít too bad either especially at $67.50.
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