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Adidas Harden Vol. 3 Performance Review

At a recent media event held in Houston, James Harden took questions from a group of reporters during an appearance at the Adidas store at The Galleria mall. Harden had been ruled out of the Rockets’ next two games at practice earlier that day, but was in good spirits when it came to discussing his latest signature shoe, the Adidas Harden Vol. 3. He took particular pride when asked about his level of involvement in the design. “From materials, to the way it looks, to the colorways—everything,” Harden revealed regarding the process. “Business emails, conference calls, the Adidas team flying out to Houston or wherever I am, to when I’m in Portland going over it—it’s a lot. It’s a dope process to create and design your own shoe.” Based on Harden’s unique style of play and innovative offensive game, it makes sense that he’d want to take a hands-on approach to the design. He might not have the experience in making shoes that the Adidas team has, but does have direct knowledge of what he needs in a shoe when it comes to things like creating space. “Your footwork, and how fast you can stop and go, how fast you change directions—it’s extremely important for my game,” Harden said. “That’s one of the main keys I have to have in my shoe.” With that in mind, if the Harden Vol. 3 doesn’t perform, it falls squarely on him. For better or worse, it’s the shoe that he wanted. Can James Harden add sneaker designer to his MVP resume? Hover over the dots for a full performance review. Adidas Harden Vol. 3 - Fit Adidas Harden Vol. 3 - Ankle Support Adidas Harden Vol. 3 - Cushioning Adidas Harden Vol. 3 - Traction I can’t say that the Harden Vol. 3 excites me from an aesthetic, storytelling, or innovation standpoint in the way that a reigning MVP’s signature shoe maybe should, but in the only area that actually matters when it comes to a true hoops shoe—performance—it’s a standout. It checks all the boxes for comfort and fit, and does so at a relatively affordable $140 price point. Don’t let its throwback design and construction fool you either—innovation for the sake of innovation has a tendency to have a bigger impact on a shoe’s price than its performance. The Vol. 3 may not do any new tricks, but it does refine some of the best existing practices, and brings them together for what’s probably my favorite air jordan 1 shoe since 2011’s original Crazy Light. At that same media event, Harden explained that when he steps away from the game one day, he wants his line to be remembered for “how authentic it was.” He went on to say that that for others, it may just be putting their name on something that already exists, but for him, “It’s really me. I’m really putting the work in for this. That’s what makes it authentic and real. When you’re authentic and real, that lasts longer than anything else—not just in the shoe business, but in life.” The Harden Vol. 3 is an easy recommendation based on value, but it’s also a great shoe, period. I thoroughly enjoyed playing in the reigning MVP’s latest signature, and if his involvement is all he says it is, then apparently we have him to thank for it.
28 November 2018 Permanente link Google Feed MSN Reporter

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