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Adidas Dame 5 Performance Analysis and Review

Dameís 2018 Playoff Performance †Oftentimes itís better to remember the poor performances to identify weaknesses and motivate ourselves to be better than to just think everything is fantastic. The same goes for sneakers. I really loved playing in the Dame 4 on clean floors or when freshly wiped but guess what, they fixed it on the 5. I donít think the Dame 5 has quite the fun factor of the 4 but itís still a great shoe. If you liked the Marquee Boost or Harden V3, these will feel very familiar. Pros: traction, low to the ground and balanced cushioning, fit, stability, containment, flexible in the right places Cons: some players may want more cushioning? Sizing Advice: half size down for everyone unless youíre putting a thicker insole in or you have super wide feet Buying Advice: $115 retail which isnít bad but isnít great. Sign up on Adidasí Creator Club and get discounts right away. $90 or less is fair, bottom around $50-60 as usual.. which will probably come fairly fast. Looks matter Adidas Weight 15.5 ounces which is about average for an Adidas mid. The Dame 4 weighed 14 ounces btw. Traction Youíre killing me Adidas..if you put these on the 4 and youíd have sexy shoes with great traction. At least Adidas has simplified its story telling and pretty much put herringbone on everything this past year. I found these worked great when clean or freshly wiped with some occasional wiping on dusty floors. Very similar in design to the Marquee Boost/Harden etc.. Slightly wider spacing and about the same width teeth and rubber firmness. The grooves could sharper and the rubber could be softer but overall these work great. I found they got better with wear as the rubber softened up. Great job Adidas! Cushioning The Dame line has gotten slightly lower year over year and these are the lowest of them all. If you enjoy court feel but want a balanced cushioning set up with some bounce back these are for you. These are not quite as bouncy or fun feeling as previous Dames but they arenít brickish like the Harden BE2 or Curry 6/5 or Havoc. Itís just a nice blend of court feel and impact protection. Think Dame 4 but a tad lower. Why does the Bounce have less bounce? Part of the reason is that there is just less foam volume and the fact the use a thinner insole now versus the Dame 2. Bottom is the Dame 2 insole and itís at least double the thickness of the 5 Like the Harden, thinner cushioning can still feel pretty good if you make some changes like Adidas did with the Harden V3. Foam strobel rather than fiberboard like the Dame 2 and 4 used. Switching to foam allows the wearer to feel that foam just a little more since the foam strobel is softer and more flexible than a typical fiberboard so it kind of evens things out. As I have said before, Boost and Bounce need more volume than something like Zoom. I still really like the cushioning on the Dame 5 but I donít think it has the comfort of the Dame 2 which wowed me out of the box. This is more tuned for court feel than previous models by a millimeters or two. If you want a plusher ride like the Rose 6 or youíll probably want to look elsewhere but if you want a nice balanced set up, the Dame 5 has you covered Fit These run long, longer than any of the Dames (not as long as the Marquee)so Iíd advise half a size down for everyone but the maybe widest of wide footers. I went true to size and while they ran long, I had no issues with the fit since these are a mid (nice try adidas these arenít lows). *side note I swapped out the insole from the Dame 2 into the 5 and you can stay true to size if youíre planning on swapping insoles. This is one reason why it feels so long* No heel slip or side to side movement out of the box and no banging of the toe since the laces hold your foot down and back like any good shoe should. If you like heel pillows, Adidas took it to another level with the Dame 5ís internal pod system. Does it work better then a standard interior ? Probably not but it works so I canít complain. And that thing in the front, itís called a tongue! Not really much to talk about here, it just fits. Tie your laces, get on the court, and go. Nice job Adidas! Materials Mesh and some suede or synthetic suede. Not bad I guess if youíre looking for value. On par with the Jordan 33 materials at least. Support and stability Do these look like lows to you? No issues with support but these are not lows folks, itís cut as almost high as the Kobe I. But the collar is flexible just like the Kobe. With this much flexibility, support will come from the great fit and internal heel counter. No issues here. Midfoot Support Although this looks like my ďstick my shoe in the pocket testĒ, it only bends in the forefoot and toe which is great because you want most of stiffness midfoot and back. Iím sure there is a decent internal shank and itís just the right amount of flexibility like most Dames (the 3 was overly stiff imo) Arch support is great. Thanks for holding up my flat feet Stability is excellent with a low to the ground set up and very wide outsole similar to the Marquee Boost.Well done Adidas! Containment Did the Donald design this shoe? Banking barrier wheeww how innovative. At least it works but Iím pretty sure consumers would prefer not to see such an eyesore..including me. The previous models didnít have this barrier and worked just as well. The banking barrierís in your face look at me look is why I went with the all black. This barrier is made of tpu unlike the Ariana special aka the N3XT. No issues here! Conclusion Dame Dolla doesnít mess around. No frills, not too pricey, not full of a bunch of marketing BS. No pegboard lace system, no Continental rubber outsole, no Primeknit, because none of it was ever needed; Get the basics down and you have great shoe. Thank you Adidas and Dame! Is this the best Dame ever? Yes, Iíd say so because Adidas finally got the right combo of everything especially the traction. (Finally!!) but it isnít for players who want or need more cushioning. Half a size down will work for almost everyone so buying online wonít be too risky. Even half a size long, I had no issues which is what any good fitting shoe be able to do. I also think I enjoy playing in it because it feels almost exactly like the Marquee Boost but with Bounce instead of Boost. The uppers might look different but they all really have the same function regardless of looks. If you love Dame, youíll love this shoe. Should you pay retail? Nope, sign up for Adidas emails or get in on the Creator Club. I got a nice 25% coupon in my email so thatís 86 bucks right from the jump. I always see loyalty programs as a bad sign for companies but hey it saves me money at least. Like every Adidas basketball model that hypebeasts arenít chasing these will sit. $90 or under is fair, low around $50-60 per usual. Not much else to say about the Plain Dame 5 but stay tuned for my Spawn 3, Pg3 and Why Not 2 reviews (all easy reviews and excellent options to start 2019). Iím trying my best to keep up with the releases! Thank goodness I found another good pickup night ! Nice job Adidas!
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