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Jordan Why Not Zero.2 Performance Analysis and Review

Sorry about the delay, kidsí Spring Break put me behind a few weeks since Spring Break puts me behind on work stuff which then puts me behind other stuff etcÖ* Itís funny how fast enthusiasm and hype wane after a few weeks.. one week itís all forums and sneakerheads talk about and the next week itís on to the next shoe. Kind of like how fast the Thunder went from possible Warrior stoppers to the 7th seed in the West. This yearís playoffs are going to be Like Forest said, you never know what youíre going to get with a box of OKC Thunder. Conversely, you do know what youíll get from the Why Not Zero 2Ö a great all around performer at a decent retail price. Wait as always folks, that one month with months hot shoe wonít hurt your skills or lack there of any. Pros: traction, cushioning, fit, SUPPORT, stability containment, feels premium Cons: traction pattern may tear with wear. Sizing advice: true to size Best for: any position Buying advice: Wait as always. Stats are great but the world isnít in love with Russ. $100 or less is fair, bottom around $50-65. Weight 16.5 ounces which is slightly heavier than most mids. Traction Like the WNZ1, the traction is excellent. Very soft and pliable rubber with good depth keeps dust at bay. Excellent bite right out of the box on all surfaces with very little to no wiping on dusty floors The only issue , although I havenít had it yet, is these split 0 will split or tear with more wear. Anytime you segment pieces of an outsole, they are prone to tearing. UA are you listening ? Definitely not recommend outdoors. Overall, well done JB! Cushioning Similar sized forefoot cushioning as the AJ 33 but less protrusion still gives the wearer plenty of forefoot zoom feel. Itís like 1998 again yíall! It isnít AJ XX8 feeling since the protrusion is huge but the size of the Zoom unit and the removal of foam make the Zoom feel Zoomy! Itís nice to see Zoom make a slight comeback now if we can only get Nike/JB to give us heel Zoom too. Glad I have all my Soldier VIís! The rest of the cushioning is injected Phylon which feels good underfoot from the get go. You wonít mistaken it for Lunarlon or Boost or anything premium but youíre not going to miss it either. It has just the right amount of give and spring to it that you donít miss it and actually enjoy the full ride. Well done JB! Fit I went true to size and these have a little more room than the Why not 1 which is a good thing imo. If you want a really tight fit you could go down but true to size should fit most everyone No movement inside the shoe, no heel slip, so simple I barley have to write a paragraph. Straps for just a little more lockdown around the midfoot Same with the wrap around around the ankle Overall I had zero issues out of the box, none during play which is exactly what you want. Great job Nike! Materials Materials donít matter for me but these materials LOOK way more premium than most shoes in the 140 under range. All the textures and contours gives off a luxurious feeling than pretty much every shoe Iíve reviewed under $140. Once again, value is the operative word. No difference in performance versus something made out of plain mesh like you see in the toe box but it feels a lot more expensive than most. Itís a bit of a throwback with the quilted feel ala Aj xx1, xx2, Lebro sphere linings etc but on the outside instead. Nice job stretching that dollar for us JB! Support and Stability A shoe with some support ? Why not right ? With the basketball shoes going lower and lower every day, itís nice to feel some support around my ankles. It isnít a sock like mid cut but a mid with some actual structure. You can still fold over the lateral side but if you push from the medial side from the inside, you have some actual support. JB/Nike used an asymmetrical design on the AJ XIV and Soldier VI with a higher medial side and this gives off a similar feeling of support. Midfoot support is good as well with a nice plastic midfoot shank in the shape of a W.. as in Westbrook for those who arenít. There is also plenty of arch support as you can see on the medial side. Although the WNZ2 does not have an outrigger it is plenty wide in the forefoot for support. Overall zero issues with support and stability. Well done JB! Containment Yeppers, no issues here Conclusion Iíve literally got nothing to complain about with this shoe. If The AJ XX8 had a baby with the Soldier VI, this is pretty much what youíd get. JB made the WNZ2 a lot more fun this time around with a bouncier cushioning set up while keeping the shoe just great all around.. kind of like Mr. Triple Double. Price wise, at $125, it isnít the cheapest shoe out there but if youíre worrying about a $15 difference between what typically constitutes ďbudgetĒ, maybe you shouldnít buy these at retail and just wait like I always suggest. Russ isnít loved like MJ, Steph or Lebron so guess what, these will fall in price just like the WNZ1 (man I hate typing the whole name). Fair is around $90 with the bottom around $50-60. With the playoffs and Thunder season possibly ending early, expect these to drop in price quickly by summer. The streak of first teams continues for 2019
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