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Nike+ (Plus) System Review and Basketball Performance Reviews

Here it is… the review on the Nike+ Basketball System. Hit the jump for Pros & Cons. Pros – Stat tracking – Increase competitive drive through stat tracing – Measures your vertical – Measures your speed/ steps per second – Easy to use – Interaction with other players/ friends/ ballers Cons – Price – sold together with sneakers – huge turnoff sneakers  – huge turnoff – Doesn’t measure actual speed, just the amount of steps per second – Lags and takes long to sync to iPhone/ iPod – Takes too long to sync so I end up leaving it on making stat average inaccurate By now you all know that I personally feel that this system is a very cool thing to have but not entirely necessary for your typical ball player. If you are the type to want an increased vertical, track and measure your progress all while competing with your peers then this is something you will greatly enjoy. However, it’s also something that the younger crowd will gravitate toward versus us older guys. If you are a College or NBA player there is no point to owning the system since you already have proven yourself to be more than capable performing at the highest level. Most players just need to get laced up and hit the court so it’s a give or take type of thing… if the above is something you find useful then it will be an asset to your game, if not then you will just end up wasting your money… unless it’s just the shoe’s colorway you are after…
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