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PUMA Uproar Performance Review

Puma Hoops is on a roll as the Uproar is even better than the Clyde Court. Blade traction makes an appearance on the Puma Uproar and itís awesome. It may not be leaps and bounds better than the traction pattern found on the Clyde Court, but it was more reliable on all of the courts I play on. The blades are in place in such a way that it covers nearly all linear movements and there is a section along the outrigger that covers lateral movement. Itís a very solid setup that really does get the job done well. The rubber compound is also pretty hard so they would be a decent option for outdoor basketball. Pumaís HYBRID technology is used at the heel and the tech specs on†puma.com claim the midsole is IGNITE. However, the midsole doesnít feel like IGNITE; itís much more firm with less rebound/energy return under-foot than any of the previous iterations of IGNITE Iíve tried before. Court feel on the Uproar is pretty good due to the firm setup but I would have liked the midsole to have sat a little lower to the ground so it didnít feel quite as clunky until broken-in. If youíre looking for court feel, then this setup will work very well for you. If youíre looking for something with a little bounce back or rebound then you may want to look for something else. If you want a little cushion and a lot of nike air force 1 feel, you can always replace the insole and get your wish. Materials depend on the colorway. I personally preferred the All-Star pair that used a mixture of textiles and synthetic leathers. I felt this setup allowed for less break-in time while still containing the foot at key areas and stress zones. For those that want more leather and less textile, the Spectra and Palace Guard colorways will fit the bill. Both used textile along the tongue and internal booty sections of the shoe while all the overlays wrapping the foot from the heel to the forefoot are leather and synthetic leather. A little more break-in time will be required, especially at the toe, but once broken-in, youíll be good to go. The Puma Uproar fits true to size. Wide footers may want to go up 1/2 size, but try them on first to be sure. Lockdown was awesome in both pairs I played in. Itís a little better in the leather-based version, but not by much. The All-Star pair broke-in to the point to where I needed to readjust the forefoot lacing to get a bit of a tighter fit. Otherwise the entire lacing system works perfectly from the ankle to the forefoot. Support in the Uproar is what youíve come to expect from basketball shoes: heel counters and a wide, flat base for stability. An outrigger would have been nice, but you sit in the midsole enough to make it where itís not a feature that is sorely lacking.
For only releasing two basketball shoes in the last decade or so, Puma really has impressed quite a bit. The Clyde Court was a very good start, but the Uproar is just a beast on its own. Cushion needs work but everything else on the shoe worked perfectly. Aesthetically, I think I prefer the Clyde Court in certain colorways, but the Uproar is pretty cool in certain colors as well. Best of all, they look different. Youíre not one of many on the floor, youíre usually the only one out there wearing the brand. I canít help but wonder what Puma Hoops has in store for its third basketball shoe. Will it be even better than the Uproar? I hope so.

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