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New Balance Omn1s Performance Analysis and Review

Happy New Year, letís kick it off with a review! This was one of the greatest shots with natural theatrics from the ball + rim and actual raw emotions from stone faced Kawhi and I finally got the Omn1s in DecemberÖyou know half a year later. I have been tying since June to get these shoes and like nearly everyone else in the world, I failed due to super limited quantities. Was the Omn1 worth the wait? Errr.. Pros : traction, average cushioning, decent fit Cons: cushioning is just there, tippy heel, poor containment Sizing advice: go down half a size, these run long like Kawhiís hands. Best to try on in store..oh wait, you canít. Buying advice: after 6 months of making uber limited quantities, I expect the floodgates will open. From a playing perspective, I regret spending $140. $100 or less is fair, bottom should be around $75-80 but Iím not sure since NB just returned to hoops
I donít care about the weight as much as others do so this is just a reference. At 16 ounces this is a average to a little heavier than average for a mid. Most weight in the 15-16.5 ounces range.
Definitely the highlight of the Omn1. These just bite the hardwood like a good pair should. It has a similar look and pattern as the Rose 7 but it isnít as thin and the rubber isnít as soft but it still does a heck of a job. Trojan would be proud.
Definitely one of the best traction set ups Iíve tried this year. Well done NB!
†Fuelcell. I could regurgitate the marketing jargon Iíve seen from calling it a premium EVA to nitrogen injected foam but rather than do that I think itís more important to describe how it feels. Fuelcell in the Omn1 does not feel anything like Boost or Zoom or Lightstrike or Micro G or a lightweight foam. I donít even think it feels like Bounce or even Charged because my Curry 3 has a lot more feedback and bounce than this foam..on tenth thought, even the Curry 4 EVA set up feels better and springier. It feels far more dense than the premium foams with sone slight give after break in. I was hoping for a Lightstrike feel or something with some bounce but like a Kawhi interview it doesnít give much.
Iíve read that Fuelcell is dual density and I believe it. The Forefoot (black) is softer to the touch than the midfoot and heel (white).†But still not a lively set up.
Itís very on point with what I expected from New Balance though from the OG 802 trail shoes I used to buy to the Cruz (wtf you†retroed†them already NB?) New Balance has a muted feel to them. Iím a fun guy .. are you sure you didnít mean fungi†Kawhi bc these have nearly zero fun to them.
Pretty dense ortholite insole (top is curry 3, bottom is Omn1) gives a little more step in comfort but not much
I donít complain much about cushioning and Iím not complaining about Fuelcell but from what Iíve read about the running shoes, it seems that NB just tuned it more for hoops while taking out a lot of the fun factor. But geez, Boredman gets paid alright.
Overall cushioning is just there. If you want more fun in your shoes, look†anywhere†elsewhere.
Go down half a size. I wasnít sure how these were going to fit but given NBís limited quantities I went with what was left and 10.5 was the right call . These do run long since I had a finger width at the toe which I perfect for me. If I went true to size these would leave me a thumb at the toe. I went standard width since that was what was left and it was plenty of space width wise even with my widefeet . I do really appreciate the option for wide even there arenít as many options as NB offers in running shoes. I guess that says something about the important of fit in b-ball shoes versus running.
Simple lace set up which like. Just a little inner sleeve and normal laces.
There is no extra space width wise and I experienced no heel slip from the get go. I did have a little bubble at the forefoot but deadspace above the forefoot wonít hurt anyone.†
Overall I enjoyed the fit but make sure to go down half a size or try on in store ..oh wait you canít.
Just buy online and return the pair that doesnít fit..oh wait†you canít.
Overall the fit is good. No issues here.
If you love or miss the ďbenefitsĒ of Primeknit or Flyknit, youíll love the Omn1sí Fitweave. It is very nice looking and soft to the touch for his and her pleasure. Very nice feeling on foot reminiscent of the days of yor circa 2014-2017. But feeling soft to the touch doesnít make a shoe any better.
Support and Stability
Support comes from the fit and somewhat from the NB straps since they are made from a firmer synthetic material. However like most shoes these days they fold very easily. As noted above the heel counter is flimsy and thin and will wear down over time (trust me Iíve done it with all my Kobe Iís). Luckily anyone reading this probably a sneakerhead and will fine with other shoes in the rotation. Midfoot support is good not much flex but not overly stiff and not overly bendy. Stability is iffy. They are wider than the kryie 6†but still have the contoured shape which I personally do not like.†Landing at a sub optimal angle or at an angle where you canít get your foot placement correct in time is how Iíve hurt myself in the past so thatís why I stay away. Kawhi played fine in the AJ XX9 but I still prefer a flatter heel for those imperfect landings.
Load management anyone ? Itís on my IG stories if you want to see the slow mo vid
Looking at the exterior of the Omn1 continent doesnít look like an issue but the foam used as sidewalls is thin and soft so it does nearly nothing plus the foot doesnít sit thst far below the walls.
Add in the woven upper which isnít reinforced with any major backing and you basically get a sock with sole.
Containment isnít a deal breaker for me but it is a tie breaker and the Omn1 does a really poor job in this category. Probably the worst containment Iíve seen in a few years.
Iíve been playing the shoe game for a few decades now so I understand and get scarcity marketing. It isnít like shoe companies are the only companies that pull this stuff. The fact is the majority of consumers are highly unaware that companies do this to build hype and false demand. Throw in some influencer marketing and you got a nice hype building machine. Iíve been trying since June to get theseat 9 amon the dot but struck out every time.
Overall, the shoe has its strengths and weaknesses; I loved the traction and the fit is pretty good but cushioning is very Kawhi with very little fun guy in it. The shoe is also seriously lacking containment, like Brandblack bad. It also has a rounded heel which I personally do not like or trust. See Dame 6.
The show certainly isnít unplayable and isnít going to kill anyone but like Kawhi I want a shoe that does everything well with no holes in its game.
Overall for all the work to get the shoe and the $140 price tag (which I canít even coupon code due to scarcity) I canít recommend the shoe unless youíre a Clippers or Kawhi fan or you really like woven uppers. Hardens are on sale already for far less (I got some for $80 this month), KDís and AJ 34ís are on clearance as well. Hell, Iíd take the†Curry 7†over these even though they arenít a favorite of mine. Similar traction, better cushioning but far more stable and way better containment. Plus you can find them on sale. NB knows it isnít a strong basketball brand (now or back in the 2000ís) so playing the limited game gives it some cred but let these out in the open market and itís $100 or less easily.
Iím giving these a third team rating because aside from the traction I donít find anything about them particularly great. I considered bumping them up to second team just for the traction but in the end I felt that was too generous. Way to start off my year New Balance.
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