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adidas Ultraboost 20 Performance Review

The adidas Ultraboost 20 performs a lot like the adidas Ultraboost 19. And thatís a good thing. The Ultraboost 19 finally made the Ultraboost into a serious running shoe. So weíre glad that adidas is continuing the tradition. There were some differences between the 19 and the 20 that we briefly mentioned in our comparison post. Weíll explore most of them more in depth here. 3, 2, 1, launch: Cushion Based on the drop measurements, the Ultraboost 20 may have less Boost overall than the Ultraboost 19 but itís not noticeable while running and, letís be honest, itís still a lot of Boost. Some of the adidas marketing materials say that itís 20% more Boost than the original Ultraboost which is exactly what they said last year. So, maybe there truly is no difference in midsoles from 2019 to 2020 but to my eyes thereís a slight change. Similar to last year, youíre getting a super plush ride that provides enough cushion to be a versatile everyday running shoe. It worked great for long runs, recovery runs, and every distance in between. Traction Sporting the exact same outsole as the Ultraboost 19, the Ultraboost 20 doesnít mess with what works. The Continental rubber covers the entire outsole, doesnít slip on wet surfaces, and is built to be durable. After 50+ miles, thereís exactly the amount of wear I would expect. The Ultraboost 20 outsole will last 300+ miles. Support The Ultraboost 20 offers a touch more support than the Ultraboost 19 due to three slight changes. 1) The heel uses a tighter, more neoprene-like material in place of the UB 19ís knit. The shoe is just slightly more form fitting and locked down at the heel because of that change. 2) The new lace closure replaces fused TPU mesh with a mostly synthetic version with thicker but flexible TPU edges. The lace closure is larger overall and is attached to the TPU heel clip in more places. The new version added medial and lateral support while slightly improving lockdown. Some runners will prefer the lighter lace closure from the Ultraboost 19 but I think the added support will come in handy for most people. 3) The Ultraboost 20 upper adds support with thin foam backing around the edges of the entire forefoot. The Ultraboost 19 featured some foam backing as well but the foam wasnít as tall and didnít go all the way around the toes. The Ultraboost 20 also has extra stitching (what adidas calls ďTailored Fiber PlacementĒ) around the entire forefoot to reinforce the areas that need the most support. These were all good changes and made it possible to take the Ultraboost 20 offroad and tackle light trails, something I didnít feel was possible in the previous model. Materials The upper is entirely made of Primeknit+, which is a finer version of Primeknit. It still has that sock like fit and feel. Weíve covered some of the other materials in previous sections but the majority of the materials are exactly the same as featured on the Ultraboost 19. One difference thatís purely aesthetic, is an iridescent painted midsole (on some colorways). The iridescent paint color looks fantastic in person and draws compliments from random people on the street. Itís flaking off very slightly at the bottom of the backside of the heel on my left shoe (probably due to some heel landings) but otherwise looks to be holding up well. This Boost paint job seems to be as durable as adidasí previous all black painted Boost misoles. Fit The heel is covered with great lockdown and a cushy foam lets your achilles and ankle sink in nicely. Your foot slides easily into the sock-like upper and thereís plenty of room in the forefoot to splay your toes. I was able to find the right lace tightness after 1-2 runs and from then on I could just slide them on and be ready to run. If you liked the fit of the Ultraboost 19, think of the adidas nmd as the same fit with a couple minor upgrades. Overall If you like running on Boost or enjoyed the Ultraboost 19, the adidas Ultraboost 20 is worth your $180. If you didnít like the Ultraboost 19, or think Boost is too mushy for running, your opinion will be the same as it was with last yearís model. Overall, the Ultraboost 20 features some minor upgrades but sticks with the tried and true formula that made the Ultraboost 19 a best seller.
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